Improve quality of life within the context of implementing the standards of ISO 9001 Management System. Cosar Pharmaceutical Company, has therefore undertaken the following objectives:

1. Improving quality of products by implementing available standards (GSP, GLP, GMP and generally GXP) and optimizing the systems

2. Improving customers and other beneficiaries’ satisfaction by providing suitable and necessary work relationships and after-sales support

3. Increasing variety of products by extending the production lines and introduction of more innovative drug formulations

4. Increase market share by use of scientific marketing techniques that have proven effective in quality improvement

5. Implementing the safety management systems and the occupational health criteria according to OHSAS 18001; 2007

6. Operating the environmental management systems in accordance to ISO 14001; 2004

7. Creating and improving the overall company performance by use of IT systems and also operating the MIS data management systems

8. Creating common participation of involved elements and teamwork, through incentive systems

9. Increasing performance and profitability through effective management processes

10. Managing the resources and energy and reduction of waste through controlling systems in accordance with the policies and objectives of the company
11. Upgrading the scientific, technical and vocational skills of the staff through internal and external educational programs

12. Providing conditions and paving the way towards international cooperation for the production of under-license drugs