Half & Half Christmas & Hanukkah Faux Real Holiday Long Sleeve T-Shirt

cosarpharm.com Half & Half, Christmas & Hanukkah Brand New Brand: Faux Real Style: Half & Half, Holiday Long Sleeve T-Shirt Size: S, M, XXL Color: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red Celebrate your love for all things green and sparkly with this faux real sequin suit with lights, Get the look of the ultimate green sequin covered suit wrapped up in Christmas lights in a soft and comfortable t-shirt,[Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates,] (https://my,com/ws/ISAPI,dll,AcceptSavedSeller&linkname=includenewsletter&sellerid=lenwasse&_trksid=) Faux Real Holiday Long Sleeve T-Shirt,Fast, Free Shipping and Returns,Free shipping service,buy them safely,FREE gifts & price promise,Get the best new styles for weekend getaways.