Iranian anti-Parkinson medicine “Levoparkin” has resolved the access problems of patients on time

May 28, 2019

At a news conference with national medias:
Iranian anti-Parkinson medicine “Levoparkin” has resolved the access problems of patients on time

According to Dr.Dabir Siaqi’s interviews with Mehr news agency, Iranian Broadcasting Corporation, Fars, Salamat News and Raja News agencies, in 26th international neurology and electrophysiology congress, last year Central Bank has given appropriate currency allocation for importing raw material. We also struggled to reduce the difficulties of accessing drugs for patients.

He said; “ We are producing 65 kind of drugs that 40 of them have been added to basket of products. In addition Varenicline, Acalism, Iraprax200mg , KCl 600mg  are the major products of our company in Iranian pharmaceutical market.”

Dr. Dabir Siaqi added: “We have tried to provide the liquidity for all the production requirements. We have received many requests from surrounding countries to export Levoparkin, yet our goal is supplying domestic needs because helping patients access their drugs and reducing at least 5 million USD , in a year, is truly worthwhile.”

Dr. Amir Habibi, professor of medical sciences, said; “ Due to Parkinson outbreak pattern, there is no difference between our analysis and global statics. In fact it increases with age and it is a little more common in females than males.”

He added: “ We had many problems to access Parkinson drugs. In some types of Parkinson disease , if person does not receive drug, he\she would die. In other cases it can cause serious problems. Fortunately domestic companies helped us and now we are in a satisfactory position.”

Habibi brought up the fact that, formerly, 80% of consuming Parkinson drugs was for foreign brands and 20% for domestic brands but now vice versa. Levoparkin has affected properly and the effects of it is nearly the same to foreign brand. If the patient didn’t claim the brand of his drug, we wouldn’t be able to recognize the name. This proves the quality of Levoparkin.

Dr. Milad Behrouzi, marketing manager of Cosar Pharma Co. Also said, “ Parkinson is one of the major neurological diseases after MS. About ten years there was only Madopar in Iran which had complicated formulation, successfully we could present our product to Parkinson patients.

Dr.Behrouzi sateted, “ Fortunately doctors sent pleasing feedback about Levoparkin. Most of the doctors claimed the effects  were as good as  the previous brand, drug for patients is essential and if they don’t take their daily dose, they would get worse.”

He said; “ If  Levoparkin  wasn’t sufficient, feedbacks wouldn’t be pleasing. We followed up any feedback sent by doctors and health centers during a year. On the other hand Levoparkin is  covered by health insurance so the patient pays the least cost of the drug.’’

Dr. Behrouzi added; “ When doctors shifts on new kind of medicine, patient thinks that new ones won’t have the same effects. This is called negative placebo effect. Levoparkin is as the same as similar dug both in quality and quantity.”

He said, “ Feedbacks received from Parkinson centers, like Rasoul Akram Hos. and Imam Khomeini Hos., were satisfying. We presented Levoparkin to other doctors in neurology and electrophysiology congress this year.”


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