Cosar Pharmaceutical Company is among the pioneers in producing antibiotics in Iran, striving to improve quality of public health by actively participating in provisions for treatment options and cures. The company dedicates significant resources and attention to developing New, and better ways to prevent and treat disease and to improving quality of life for society.
1974 The company commenced its operation under the name “Chemico Pharmaceuticals” by manufacturing various oral antibiotics of penicillin family (Orbenin®, Amoxil®, Penbritin®), under the license from Beecham Pharmaceutical Company.
1980 In accordance with the national campaign of manufacturing generic drugs, the company became a member of the Organization of the Iranian National Industries.
1983 The company was renamed as “Cosar Pharmaceutical Company”.
1993 Cosar went through an ownership transition from a government entity to a publicly listed and traded company.
1994 The company was registered in the Iranian Exchange Index (IEI) as a manufacturer of the “generic” types of: amoxicillin, ampicillin and cloxacillin
1998 Cosar initiated producing different dosage forms of co-amoxiclav in Iran.
2007 Completion of the oral Cephalosporin production plant (capsules & tablets).
2015 Expansion of the product portfolio outside antibiotics – new production area designed for general drugs

• Launch of general line expected in Q4, 2016

• production area: 1300 m2

• Most up to date GMP standards

2016 Launch of Cephalosporin powder for suspension line expected in Q2, 2016.